“O Lord, my Rock, and my Redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14
December 2020
How much do you know about King Manasseh? Honestly, if you asked me this question on a random day, I too would answer, “King who?” But even though he is not well known, he is an example for us for how deep and powerful God’s love is for a sinner.

King Manasseh came into power when he was 12 years old. He did evil in the eyes of the Lord. He led the people of Judah to worshiping many false idols. He used his sons as human sacrifices. He practice fortune telling, sought omens, and consulted mediums. He provoked the Lord to anger since Manasseh seduced Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to do more evil than the nations whom the LORD had destroyed before the people of Israel.

The Lord punished King Manasseh for his wickedness. The Lord had the Assyrians come in to capture King Manasseh with hooks and led him to back to Babylon. But it was when Manasseh was in distress that he turned to the Lord for help. Manasseh humble himself before the Lord and prayed to him. Manasseh’s prayer probably involved repenting of his sins and asking for deliverance. The Lord answered Manasseh’s prayer. King Manasseh was brought back to Jerusalem to continue to reign over the kingdom of Judah.

King Manasseh followed through with his repentance and turned away from his sin of leading people into worshiping idols. Manasseh had all the altars and statues of idols torn down. Then the people were only to worship the True Lord.

Manasseh was a wicked king at first, but by God’s love to discipline and to restore Manasseh back to Jerusalem, it changed Manasseh. Manasseh had faith and it showed itself by repenting and turning from his sin of unfaithfulness to the Lord.

In the present day, we sin. We sin a lot. The Lord forgives us too! The Lord is so powerful that he causes a change in us too. He has us realize our sins and in confidence that we are forgive by him, we turn away from our sins. We don’t want to do that sin ever again. How amazing and powerful our Lord is to be able to forgive sins and change who we are from wanting to sin, to wanting to turn away from it.
A Word from Your Church Vice-President

It sure has been a different year, we all started out thinking what great things we can do this year but God had something else in mind. So instead of a year of events and activities, it was a year of reflection, and of wait and see. Here is to hoping next year will be different.

With that said, Happy New Year. It might not be a new calendar year but it is a new church year. I would like to thank everyone on the Outreach and Fellowship Committee for all the hard work and quick thinking this year. We are hoping we can build on what we started in 2020 and make 2021 a year full of events and activities.

Another difference for this coming year, no sign up sheets will be posted. During the Quarterly Voters Meeting the Council introduced a new plan to address all those missing sign up sheets, Shepherding Ministry. With this Shepherding Ministry Plan we are looking to enlist the help of members in basic congregational tasks. This will help new members fit into and get involved in the life of Redeemer. The idea is to divide the congregation into 4 Flocks, with each flock having a Flock Shepherd. Each Flock will be responsible for basic congregational tasks for a month. We are hoping this will not only help out with the basic tasks, but also help foster leadership experience through the Flock Shepherd. For more detail on the plan reference the Shepherding Ministry insert in the newsletter under the minutes for the voters meeting.

Please feel free to ask the Pastor or myself about the Shepherding Ministry Plan. The congregation will be voting on this during the next voters meeting.
I would also like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope everyone stays safe and looks forward to a different new year.

Joshua D. Preboski
Vice President
Pastor Could Use Your Help: Pastor has been trying his best to weekly clean the church, set-up the Lord’s Supper/other altar duties, and recently snow removal for the Redeemer Church. It is getting to be too much for pastor. He asks that you please help. You can indicate when you plan to help by signing up on the “How You Can Help” bulletin board. Thank you so much. Pastor greatly appreciates it.

Topics for Bible Class/Study: There are several topics that will be covered in Sunday Bible Class and Tuesday Bible Study. They are Planning Your Own Funeral; God's Word in Christmas Hymns; and Watching 'My Son, My Savior'.

Special Christmas Service Update: For the Children’s Christmas Service on Dec. 20th, the children’s participation has been reduced to singing Away in the Manger as the closing hymn.
There will be two service times for the Christmas Eve service. One at 4pm and the other at 6pm.
Christmas Day service will be at 10am.
Building Project Pledges: We are still looking forward to building the fellowship addition in the near future (summer 2021). To help with the planning and getting approved for a loan, it would help for members to fill out and return a “building project pledge”. Please keep the building project in your prayers and give thoughtful consideration of how you can help with our building project.

Funds for Parsonage Updates: The parsonage belongs to the church and could use a few updates. Currently, there is a fund being raised to purchase new kitchen appliances in the parsonage. The collection box is next to the offering plates.

Congregational Mission Statement:  The mission of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church is to reach out with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to call those who are lost, comfort those who mourn, rejoice with those who come to know and believe that Christ’s victory is their victory and to grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ until the final victory is ours.