“The Lord is my Shepherd; There is nothing I shall want.” – Psalm 23
Publication of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church Pierre, SD                                                                                                          Newsletter January 2019 

A Devotion from the Pastor’s Devotions
Last month I started reading through again the gospel of Luke to prepare for Christmas. I just finished with Luke and it was a good reminder for me that the Jesus’ life did not end at his birth.
We are all so excited for Christmas, the time of Jesus’ birth and all of our holiday traditions, that afterwards we are left to wonder, “what now?” Many store Jesus away now until Easter, let us not do that. Let us keep Jesus before us and continue to see from his life all that he has done for us. Afterall, he has done it ALL for us.
Jesus explained that to the disciples who were going to Emmaus. We hear from Luke 24, Then beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he (Jesus) explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. Jesus fulfilled all of Scripture to save you. Jesus lived the perfect life we could not live and then died an innocent death in our place. All of Scripture points to this fact. All of Scripture testifies that Jesus is your Savior. Jesus fulfilled all of Scripture throughout his life. Whenever we study the Bible, from the Old Testament to Jesus’ birth to Judgement Day; it all points to Jesus, who grew up from being a babe in Bethlehem, saving you.
December is such a wonderful month, especially this year. At home I got to see the excitement of a two-year-old experiencing Christmas for what seemed like the first time. That made the month wonderful, but what made it especially wonderful is this—seeing a fuller picture of my Savior. I looked over Luke’s shoulders as he wrote his gospel account. I heard the voice of John the Baptist preparing my heart for the Savior. I went with the shepherds to marvel at Christ the Lord resting in his manger. I pondered with Mary the miracle of Word made flesh; that Jesus is true man and true God. WHAT A MONTH!
I must admit, December was a time to slow down, reflect, and focus on God’s Word. Now, though, is a new month—a new year, let us gaze into the horizon and trust in God to guide, provide, and bless our efforts of teaching and sharing God’s Word. There are two things I would like to highlight that is happening in January and that will have lasting results.
The first is the beginning of an Adult Information Class (AIC). It is a class teaching on the basics of what we believe. Members, you, are welcomed to join, but the focus is teaching non-members what we believe. After the class they do not need to become members, but they can if they wish too. Maybe you can come with a non-member friend so both of your faiths may be strengthened. Classes are on Thursday at 6:30-8pm starting on the 17th. A letter with more information is on the Upcoming Events Bulletin Board.

The second is fine work of the Long-Range Planning Committee. They have worked hard and have drafted seven fine goals that Redeemer could pursue. The goals are attached to this packet. They have three main focuses: outreach, expanding our worship size, and seeking to have more member involvement in church life. Please look them over and then come to the voters meeting on JANUARY 27th where we will be voting which goals we want to pursue. 
It looks like January is going to be a wonderful month, especially this year.
A Word from Your Property Chairman
Greetings from the Property Chairman,
A review of all the blessings that Redeemer has received in the past two years…
  • The replacement of the Church’s roof was funded through the building fund and a small amount of insurance money.
  • There were parsonage repairs such as: the replacement of all metal closet doors, updating living areas, and the replacement of the living room area carpet with laminate flooring.  All the costs involved were for the materials and installation of the flooring. All other work was done by volunteer labor.
  • The Church bathroom repairs turned into a complete bathroom updating of both bathrooms. Besides the bathrooms, we updated the kitchen sink, the serving area and a few changes were made in the fellowship area. All this was done mostly through donations and volunteer labor.
  • Outdoor step replacement completed with donated materials and labor.
  • The parsonage painting was done completely with a donation and lots of volunteer labor.
Looking ahead into the new year, we see that the blessing are continuing to flow as we have already received a donation for LED lights to be installed in the fellowship area and were installed by volunteer labor.
The next item on the “To Do List” is the replacing of the faucet of the kitchen sink in the parsonage. It is leaking and will need replacing soon. Currently looking for volunteer help and/or donations for this job.
I would like to thank all the volunteers for their time (labor) and donations for the past years.
--Property Chairman, Milt
ATTACHMENTS (can be found in the hard copy of the newsletter)
Council Minutes: We would like to keep you updated on the activities of the council of Redeemer. To help inform you, we will be supplying the minutes of each meeting in the Newsletter. Please take a look and feel welcome to discuss any of the topics in the minutes with a council member.
50th Anniversary: Next year (2020) will mark the 50th year of Redeemer officially being a congregation. We do not want this milestone to be brushed aside. Let us rejoice in God giving us 50 years of serving the community of Pierre. To give full praise and glory to God, a 50th Anniversary Committee has been formed and have already held a few meetings. The fruits of their work are attached after the Council Minutes. They include: the service day, a passage theme, logo, and possible dedication items.
Long-Range Planning: Another subcommittee has been meeting and have accomplished what it set out to do—provide several goals for the Redeemer Church to focus on throughout the next few years. These goals are of no use though if Redeemer Church, YOU, do not focus on these goals. The goals are attached after the 50th Anniversary attachment. Please look them over, because they will be voted on during the voters meeting in the end of January. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments; feel free to talk with Pastor or the chairman of the subcommittee, Tom Murphy.
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  Congregational Mission Statement:  The mission of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church is to reach out with the saving gospel of Jesus Christ to call those who are lost, comfort those who mourn, rejoice with those who come to know and believe that Christ’s victory is their victory and to grow together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ until the final victory is ours.