“O Lord, my Rock, and my Redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14
August, 2019
The Evangelical Heritage Version (EHV) Pew Bibles were recently printed and distributed. Redeemer Church purchased two dozen of them, and I got my hands on one as well. The EHV is not a new Bible it is another faithful translation of the Bible. Several WELS pastors took it on themselves to put forward a faithful translation that will remain faithful to God’s Word while other updated version stray further and further from the true Word of God as our society strays further and further from the truths of the Word of God.

Redeemer Church has been using the EHV in our worship. The EHV New Testament and Psalms has been out for a couple of years now, but not the whole Bible. The Old Testament wasn’t included until the Pew Bible edition came out. I have been eagerly waiting for the EHV Pew Bible to come. I was excited to have a new devotional Bible. I’m looking forward to reading the EHV from cover to cover seeing how they handled God’s Word.
It got me thinking…when was the last time I was excited to start a new devotional book. Was I feeding on God’s Word with the same enthusiasm as eating stale leftovers? Where was that child-like faith that is beyond excited as when a child has Mac-n-Cheese two days in a row or going down the slide for the 100th time!
We are always to approach our God as a little child approaches their father. When a little child approaches their father, they are excited that Dad is speaking to them and spending time with them. Our Father in Heaven is always prepared to spend time with us and speak to us in his Word. He tells us in his Word how to handle tough situations. He tells us in his Word that he loves us and how he has shown his love for us. He tells us in his Word that he is and always will be our Father, and as our Father he protects, provides, and loves you unconditionally.
So, whether you are spending time with God a Bible translation you have read hundreds of times, or with a new translation or devotional book, we can approach God in his Word with excitement and enthusiasm. Afterall, no matter which part of the Bible you read, it is always about the same thing—Christ and him crucified to save you!
July is over, and August is here, but before you know it August will be over along with the Summer. Then comes the busy seasons of school, work without vacation, and Fall. There is a few things that change at Redeemer Church in September, namely, Sunday School and Catechism.
Sunday School (and Sunday Bible Class) will begin on Sunday, September 8th at 9am. We have four classes going on Sunday mornings. There is a PreK-1st grade class, a 2nd-4th grade class, a 5th-8th grade class, and a class for high schoolers and adults. There will be an informational Sunday School meeting for all the parents at the end of August to make sure we are all on the same page. I encourage parents to PLEASE make use of Sunday School. This is a wonderful opportunity for you children to hear Bible Stories, to reinforce their Bible understanding, and develop bonds with fellow Christians of their own age.
Catechism will also begin after Labor Day. It has been on Wednesdays in years past. Pastor will be contacting parents to confirm that Wednesdays would work best. Either way, Catechism is for children going into 5th-8th grade. There are two different classes. One class is for the 5th & 6th grade which includes an in depth look at some Bible Stories, a brief study of Hymnology, and being introduced to the Luther’s Small Catechism. The 7th & 8th grade class focuses mostly on learning Luther’s Small Catechism. Like Sunday School, there will be an information meeting at the end of August.
Redeemer has reached the half way point of our budget year and the results have been a bit like a roller coaster. Offerings started out in line with the budget, but then fell off after a few months and we were several thousand dollars behind in our budget. During the spring, we came back strong and the majority of the deficit was made up. Then summer came and like most summers, members are gone a lot and the offerings reflect that. As of June 30, 2019, offerings are about $3,600 short of what we need to make our budgeted expenses.
That roller coaster is at its low point and we need to climb that hill again. Redeemer has been very blessed in that we have no debt outstanding and we have created a small base for our Building Fund. Twenty-four Comfortable chairs were ordered for additional seating at the front of the church which will give us room for additional membership. With fall right around the corner, I would expect increased attendance and along with increased attendance increased offerings usually follow.
Our total Offerings for the first 6 months of the year were $36,681; and our total expenses for the first 6 months totaled $41,402. Around 90% of our budgeted items are fixed items that we need in order to keep the doors of the church open, so Redeemer’s budget is very conservative and only the bare necessity.
Half way through a budget year is a good time to remind everyone of the financial situation that we are in and as we thank God for the many blessings that he has given us. We pray that we will continue to be blessed and that we will be cheerful givers in returning those blessings back.       --Mark Lauseng
Every Member Visit: Pastor has a goal of making an every member visit before October. Thank you to those who have already schedule a visit with pastor. Those who have not, be ready for pastor to give you call and make one.
Family Bible Class: Sundays at 9am, we are having a summer long Family Bible Class focusing on the Kings of Israel/Judah. 
Pastor on Vacation: Pastor will be on vacation on August 5th-12th. If you need to contact someone for a church related issue, please contact Rich Nickerson or Gene King.
Fall Fest: Redeemer is hosting a Fall Festival on September 28th open to the public. We will have different booths manned by members. Please save the date to either help out or attend! Don’t forget to tell your friends!
Marriage Retreat: St. Andrew of Sioux Falls is hosting a marriage retreat on October 11th-13th. The cost is $375 and the deadline to register is September 11th. To Register go to For questions email