Ladies PEACE
What do you think of when you hear the word “peace”? Many people think of that word when they are in a place of comfort; where they are content with their situation and are free from problems, disturbances, or other issues. All those reasons make it very fitting for our church women’s group to be titled “Ladies PEACE”. Here, peace stands for Providing spiritual growth, Enriching lives with Christ-centered learning, Assisting with the ministry of the church, Christian Friendship, and Encouraging others in joy and sorrow.
Ladies PEACE is our local chapter of the WELS Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS). However, we are much more than just a member of LWMS. Yes, we participate in the fall and spring rallies which are great opportunities to join in fellowship with our sisters from nearby congregations. We also have had members attend the national convention which is another opportunity to join in fellowship with our sisters, this time from near and far. Besides those events, however, our group has meetings four times throughout the year along with many other fellowship opportunities. We host Ladies Night Out events where we go to local plays, have an event at Pottery to Paint, or maybe just get together for a cup of coffee on a Saturday morning! We also help coordinate events at church for funerals, confirmations, installations and much more. We’ve gotten together to make banners for church, host Advent by Candlelight, support our young college students and military members, and decorate the church for different times of the year or church functions.
All in all, Ladies PEACE is a great opportunity to join with your fellow sister’s in Christ to serve Him and each other. What better way to provide comfort and peace to each other and to everyone else in our congregation? We have peace in Christ, and we can take that peace and joy and share it with others. It is truly a joy and honor to be able to serve alongside all the wonderful women of our congregation.
Peace In Christ,
Kristine Schlomer, President
Ladies PEACE