Bulletin Announcements
November 18th 

                                    Today              9:00am            Bible Study/Sunday School
                                                              10:00am          Worship Service w/Communion
                                    Mon                 7:00pm            Council Meeting
                                    Tue                  7:30pm            Sunday School Teacher Meeting
                                    Wed                6:30pm            Thanksgiving Eve Service
                                    Sun                  9:00am           Bible Study/Sunday School
                                                            10:00am          Worship Service
                                                            11:00am          Christmas Decorating
Thanksgiving Potluck: Our next potluck will be on November 18th after worship. There will also be a free will offering to help with our budget deficit.
Thanksgiving Service: We will have a special Thanksgiving Service on November 21st at 6:30pm.
Church Snow blowing: The snow has come. If you are willing to snow blow the church’s sidewalk a few times this winter, please sign up on the Volunteer Bulletin Board. Pastor will call you when the snow needs to be removed.
Ushers Snow Removal: A reminder for ushers that they are responsible for clearing off snow on the walk ways on the Sundays they usher.
Decorating Dates: “Many hands make light work” There will be two more dates that you can help with decorating the church. The next time is for Christmas. We will decorate on November 25th at 11:15am. The last time will be for Advent by Candlelight. We will decorate on December 2nd at 11:15am.
Updating your Picture: Dionne Heilman will be taking pictures of every family in the congregation to update the pictures under the “God’s House; Your Home” board. Pictures will be taken after worship from December 2nd-January 6th (including after Christmas services). 

Ushering                      Nov 18th                      Tom Farnsworth & Philip Ringstmeyer
                                    Nov 25th&Dec 2nd       Rich Nickerson & Tayne Bohlman
Altar Guild                  November                   Sheila King
                                         December                    Erin Schwartz
Cleaning                     Nov. 19th-24th             Preboski
                                    Nov. 26th-Dec 1st           Schaffer