Bulletin Announcements
December 6th

Today              9:00am                       Sunday School & Bible Class
                        10:00am                       Worship Service w/Communion
Tue                  7:00pm                        Bible Study
Wed                4:00pm                        5th/6th Grade Catechism
                           5:30pm                        7th/8th Grade Catechism
Sun                  9:00am                        Sunday School & Bible Class
                        10:00am                       Worship Service
                        11:00am                       Council Meeting
Pastor Could Use Your Help: Pastor has been trying his best to weekly clean the church, set-up the Lord’s Supper/other altar duties, and recently snow removal for the Redeemer Church. It is getting to be too much for pastor. He asks that you please help. You can indicate when you plan to help by signing up on the “How You Can Help” bulletin board. Thank you so much. Pastor greatly appreciates it.
Topics for Bible Class/Study: There are several topics that will be covered in Sunday Bible Class and Tuesday Bible Study. God's Word in Christmas Hymns and Watching 'My Son, My Savior'.
Special Christmas Service Update: For the Children’s Christmas Service on Dec. 20th, the children’s participation has been reduced to singing Away in the Manger as the closing hymn.
There will be two service times for the Christmas Eve service. One at 4pm and the other at 6pm.
Christmas Day service will be at 10am.
Building Project Pledges: We are still looking forward to building the fellowship addition in the near future (summer 2021). To help with the planning and getting approved for a loan, it would help for members to fill out and return a “building project pledge”. Please keep the building project in your prayers and give thoughtful consideration of how you can help with our building project.
Funds for Parsonage Updates: The parsonage belongs to the church and could use a few updates. Currently, there is a fund being raised to purchase new kitchen appliances in the parsonage. The collection box is next to the offering plates.