Bulletin Announcements
September 25th
Sun                  10:00am          Outside Worship Service
                        11:15am          Picnic Meal
Tue                  7:00pm            Tuesday Bible Study
Wed                4:00pm            5th-6th Grade Catechism Class
                        5:30pm              7th-8th Grade Catechism Class
Sun                  9:00am            Adult Bible Class & Sunday School
                        10:00am           Worship Service w/Communion
                        11:15am           Fellowship/Outreach Meeting

Thank You: Thank you to all who support our Fall Festival yesterday. It would not have been a success without your help from inviting people, to hosting a booth, to donating, and anything else you did to help. Thank you again.

Adult Bible Class: On Sunday mornings we are learning about confidently sharing Jesus.

Pastor has a Call: The congregation of St. Peter in Modesto, CA as extended Pastor Schwartz a call to serve as their pastor. Pastor would like to hear your thoughts, comments, and questions about it. Please keep pastor, his family, and both congregations in your prayers.

Fire Wood: The firewood has been chopped. Feel free to take from the pile. Consider giving a donation for the wood taken.

LWMS Fall Rally: All are invited and the women are especially encouraged to attend the LWMS Fall Rally at St. John in Bowdle on Saturday beginning at 9am.