Bulletin Announcements
May 21st

He is Risen!
He is Risen Indeed!

Sun                10:00am        Worship Service w/Communion
                        11:15am          Council Meeting
Wed                4:00pm         5th/6th Grade Catechism
                           5:30pm         7th/8th Grade Catechism
Sun                  10:00am       Worship Service

Summer Family Bible Study: There will be no Bible Class or Sunday School on May 28th. June begins our summer schedule of a joint family Bibles study starting at 9am on Sundays.

Every Member Visit: Pastor Schwartz wants to visit with you. You are invited to parsonage most Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. Confirm with pastor the day before that the evening is open. We can visit outside while the kids play, or inside if it rains, or at church if you prefer, or wherever you want.