Bulletin Announcements
November 10th

Today              9:00am         Bible Class & Sunday School
                        10:00am          Worship Service
                        11:00am          Discipleship Meeting
                       11:15am           Elders Meeting
Tue                 6:30pm           Bible Study—Luther’s Large Cat.
Wed               4:00pm           5&6th Grade Catechism
                          5:30pm           7&8th Grade Catechism
Thu                 6:00pm           Adult Information Class
Sat                                               Pastor Serving Zion in Akaska, SD
Sun                  9:00am           Bible Class & Sunday School
                        10:00am          Worship Service w/Communion
Christmas Decorating: After worship on December 1st, please plan on staying after to help decorate for the Advent/Christmas Season.

Pastor Serving Zion in Akaska, SD: Due to the vacancies in our area several WELS churches are not being served by a pastor including Zion in Akaska. Pastor Schwartz has been asked to serve as vacancy pastor there for the time being.

Snow Removal Sign-up: Winter has thrown its first jab. It seems like it will be a snowy winter. We could use as many as possible to help remove snow. If you sign up, Pastor will contact you when it is your turn to remove snow.

Welcome Home Worship Series: We will continue our worship series entitled, Welcome Home, next Sunday until November 24th. The focus of this series is to welcome all members, and while we are at it—visitors, to their church home. What you can do to help: (1) invite your spouse and children (your family) to attend each of these Welcome Home Sundays; (2) invite a church friend whom you haven’t seen in a while to attend the Welcome Home Sundays; (3) invite a visitor to come and join us for any of the Welcome Home Sundays. Let us enjoy being in God’s House together.

New Usher List: We are trying something new for ushers. At the start of the January, every Sunday one of the Elders will be an usher. It is the responsibility of the Elder to call another members to serve as the 2nd usher for that week. TL;DR No need to sign up for ushering, we will call you.

New Alter Guild List: The Elders encourage the women of the congregation (along with their husbands if wives wish) to sign up for a month to serve on the Altar Guild. What is required is an hour of your time every other week during the month you are signed up for. And if you are unsure of what to do, ask pastor. He is nice, he can show you.

Thanksgiving Potluck: Our annual Thanksgiving Potluck will be on Nov. 24th. Sign-up at the How You Can Help bulletin board what dish you would like to share.

Thanksgiving Service: We will have a special Thanksgiving Service on Wednesday, November 27th at 6:30pm.

Ushering          Nov 10th & 17th              Tony D. & Fletcher S.
                            Nov 24th & Dec. 1st     Rod Intorn & Phil R.
Altar Guild      November                   Kings
                               December                    Schwartz
Cleaning          Nov 11th-16nd              Hansons
                              Nov 18th-23rd              Hoffman