Bulletin Announcements
February 21th

Today              10:00am          Worship Service w/Communion
Tue                  4:30pm            5th/6th Grade Catechism
Wed                6:30pm            Ash Wednesday Service        
Thur                 4:00pm            7th/8th Grade Catechism
Sun                  9:00am                        Bible Class/Sunday School
                        10:00am          Worship Service
                        11:15am         Fellowship/Outreach Meeting
Bible Class/Study: Our current Bible Class/Study topic is the life Jesus chapter by chapter from the book of Matthew. The Tuesday Bible Study will not be offered during Lent.  
Midweek Lenten Services: Ash Wednesday, February 17th, marks the beginning of Lent and our first midweek Lenten service. Midweek Lenten services will be at 6:30pm. We would like to offer snacks before and after the service. Those who would like to bring a snack can sign up on the “How You Can Help” board.

The overall theme for the 2021 Lenten sermons is  “The Hands of the Passion.” When we consider Jesus and the people around him in his Passion, we can’t help but think of their hands—the hands that beat their breast, accepted money for betrayal, petulantly swung swords, pointed in accusation, beat and disavowed, praised, washed, were pierced, and offered eternal life. In short, we can’t help but think about how we sinners have had the same sinful hands of those who surrounded Jesus in his Passion, and how Jesus our Savior has touched us with his hands of grace.
If you were unable to attend a midweek Lenten service, the Redeemer’s website (redeemerpierre.net) will have a link to watch Zion Church in Mobridge’s midweek service.

The schedule is given below for at Redeemer.
Date Theme Pastor
Ash Wed. 17-Feb Hands of Repentance Pr. Schwartz
24-Feb Hands of Hypocrisy Pr. Laude
3-Mar Hands of Misguided Zeal Pr. Schlomer
10-Mar Hands of Self-Preservation Pr. Laude
17-Mar Hands of Betrayal Pr. Schwartz
24-Mar Hands of Brutality Pr. Schlomer
Palm Sunday3-Mar Hands of    Praise Pr. Schwartz
Maundy Thur. 1-Apr  Hands of Humility Pr. Schwartz
Good Friday 2-Apr Nail-Pierced Hands Pr. Schwartz
Easter 4-Apr Life Giving Hands Pr. Schwartz

Dear Members of Redeemer,
I would like to give you some information relating to our addition and where we are at presently.
On Feb 1, I talked to Jeff Ahlman from Builders for Christ (BFC). Due to the covid shutdown over 2020, it does not look like they will be able to come to Pierre in 2021, however 2022 does look favorable. This is due to projects BFC began and then had to shutdown, and commitments that were already made.  One such project as we recently saw on our Forward in Christ video, is on an Apache Reservation.  
On another turn on our path to our addition, we were contacted by Pastor Gerald Geiger, who works for BFC in our region. Some of you may remember Pastor Geiger from his time at Great Plains Lutheran High School. After retiring he has been with BFC.
Pastor Geiger said he has several volunteers from SD who are interested in helping with our addition. He indicated his group were not contractors, but helpers and would need a leader. Additionally, Pastor Geiger has a company willing to donate doors, windows and cabinets to our building. However, we need to decide shortly in order to get our order in for timely delivery. He suggested we see about finding someone willing to lead the “crew”. I spoke to a local contractor about such an arrangement, where he would oversee the work. He said he would be willing to work with us on it. Perhaps we could consider having it framed up and then finish it with volunteers. Any options will need your help and input.
He also said that it might be in our interest to consider waiting until next year to build because of currently inflated lumber prices. There is a general shortage of some building material from the covid shutdowns.We will ask for material bids based off our new drawings which were done as a courtesy by Brosz Engineering. We are thankful to them for their help.
I hope to have estimates for the material which may give us some insight on how to proceed.
Please offer your thoughts, opinions, and prayers to help guide us as options are considered.
Church President,
Rich Nickerson