Bulletin Announcements
December 10th

                                    Today              9:00am                        Bible Class/Sunday School
                                                               10:00am          Worship Service
                                    Mon                 6:30pm            50th Anniversary Meeting
                                    Tue                  6:30pm            Bible Study
                                    Wed                3:30pm            7th&8th grade Catechism
                                                               5:30pm            5th&6th grade Catechism
                                    Sun                  9:00am                        Bible Class/Sunday School
                                                            10:00am          Children’s Christmas Service
Kingdom Workers Presentation: After the service today, Pastor Geiger will give a presentation about Kingdom Workers. Thank you, Pastor Geiger for visiting and sharing with us.
Christmas Potluck: December 16th will be our last potluck to help with the budget deficit. Please sign up to bring dish to share and stay after the Children’s Christmas Service to eat and visit.
Children’s Christmas Service: Next Sunday is the Children’s Christmas Service. Parents, please make sure your child is at church by 9am on the 16th for final practicing.
We Need Your Help: Sign-up sheets for ushering, altar guild, cleaning, snow removal, and a few more are up on the Volunteer Bulletin Board. Please take a look at and sign up to help as able. Thank You!
Updating your Picture: Dionne Heilman will be taking pictures of every family in the congregation to update the pictures under the “God’s House; Your Home” board. Pictures will be taken after worship from December 2nd-January 6th (Erin Schwartz will be taking pictures after the Christmas services). 
Ushering                      Dec. 9th&16th              Mark Lauseng & Shane Reede
                                         Dec. 23rd&30th            LeRoy Madsen & Arnie Schumacher
Altar Guild                  December                    Erin Schwartz
Cleaning                      Dec 10th-15th               Preboski
                                          Dec 17th-28th               VOLUNTEERS NEEDED