Bulletin Announcements
October 18th


Today              9:00am                        Sunday School & Bible Class
                            10:00am          Worship Service w/Communion
                            11:15am          Council Meeting
Mon                 5:30pm            Adult Bible Information Class
Tue                  7:00pm            Bible Study
Wed                4:00pm            5th/6th Grade Catechism
                          5:30pm            7th/8th Grade Catechism
Sun                   9:00am                        Sunday School & Bible Class
                           10:00am          Worship Service w
                           11:15am          Voter’s Meeting
Voter’s Meeting: All members of Redeemer Church are invited, and all voting member are encouraged to attend the voters meeting on October 25th after worship. Business includes setting the budget for next year and electing the VP of the congregation.

Daylight Saving Time Ends: A friendly reminder to Fall your clock back on hour by November 1st. Or don’t and come early to join us for Bible Study 😊.

No More Live Stream: In hopes of having better video quality, we will no longer be live streaming our services, but will have them uploaded by noon on Sunday.

Thanksgiving Eve Service: Due to poor attendance in past years, we will not be having a Thanksgiving Eve Service this year.