Bulletin Announcements
February 23rd 

Today              9:00am         Sunday School & Bible Class
                        10:00am         Worship Service
                        11:15am          Fellowship/Outreach Meeting
Tue                  6:30pm          Bible Study—Luther’s Large Cat     
Wed                5:15pm         Simple Supper
                           6:00pm         Ash Wednesday Service
Thu                  3:30pm         7th&8th Grade Catechism
                           5:00pm         5th&6th Grade Catechism
Sat                                              Pastor @ Akaska
Sun                  9:00am          Sunday School & Bible Class
                        10:00am         Worship Service w/Communion

Church Directory: The most up-to-date church directory is out! Pick up your copy from the How You Can help bulletin board.

Lent Begins: The beginning of Lents starts with Ash Wednesday on February 26th. Ash Wednesday service and all midweek services during Lent will be at 6pm.

Midweek Food: There will be a simple supper before the Ash Wednesday service. For the following five Wednesday services there will be a snack before and after service. Please sign up as you can under the How You Can Help bulletin board

Midweek Lenten Theme: Our theme for this Lent is “The Son of God Goes Forth to War”. We will be taking a closer look at Jesus our Savior being a Warrior who has won the victory for us.
Feb. 26th Know Your Enemy Ps. Schwartz
Mar. 4th Hidden Warrior Ps. Rawerts
Mar. 11th Skirmishes Ps. Laude
Mar. 18th The Promised Warrior Ps. Dauck
Mar. 25th The Warrior Rejected by Followers Ps. Schwartz
Apr. 1st The Warrior Faces the World Ps. Laude

Cleaning Sign-up: We are in need of members to clean the church during January-April. Please sign up for a week for you to clean the church on the How You Can Help Bulletin Board.

Pastor Serving Zion in Akaska, SD: Due to the vacancies in our area several WELS churches are not being served by a pastor including Zion in Akaska. Pastor Schwartz has been asked to serve as vacancy pastor there for the time being.

Forward in Christ: There are free Forward in Christ magazines by the coffee maker. Ifyou enjoy the magazine and would like to receive it monthly, please let Pastor or Gene King know. If there is enough interest and Redeemer could get a monthly subscription for you.
Head Usher     Feb 23rd                       Phil Ringstmeyer
                                 Mar 1st                        Gene King
Altar Guild      March                          Hanson
                                April                            King
Cleaning          Feb 24th-29th              VOLUNTEER NEEDED!!!
                              Mar 2nd-7th                  Hoffman