Bulletin Announcements
November 22nd


Today              9:00am                     Sunday School & Bible Class
                        10:00am                     Worship Service
                        11:15am                      Voter’s Meeting
Mon                 7:00pm                     Adult Bible Information Class
Tue                  7:00pm                      Bible Study
Sun                  9:00am                      Sunday School & Bible Class
                        10:00am                      Worship Service w/Communion

Thanksgiving Eve Service: Due to poor attendance in past years, we will not be having a Thanksgiving Eve Service this year.
Pastor Could Use Your Help: Pastor has been trying his best to weekly clean the church, set-up the Lord’s Supper/other altar duties, and recently snow removal for the Redeemer Church. It is getting to be too much for pastor. He asks that you please help. You can indicate when you plan to help by signing up on the “How You Can Help” bulletin board. Thank you so much. Pastor greatly appreciates it.
Topics for Bible Slass/Study: There are several topics that will be covered in Sunday Bible Clas and Tuesday Bible Sutdy. They are The 4th Petition of the Lord's Prayer; Planning Your Own Funderal; God's Word in Christmas Hymns; and Watching 'My Son, My Savior'.