Bulletin Announcements
November 20th 
Sun                  10:00am         Worship Service
                        11:15am          Thanksgiving Potluck
Sun                  9:00am           Adult Bible Class & Sunday School
                        10:00am          Worship Service w/Communion

Fire Wood: The firewood has been chopped. Feel free to take from the pile. Consider giving a donation for the wood taken.

Christmas for Kids: Redeemer Church is hosting a Christmas for Kids on Dec. 17th from 9-11:30am for all kids in Preschool through 5th grade. More info to follow.

Marriage Retreat: Pastor Schwartz will be leading a marriage retreat for members and non-members at Redeemer Church on Saturday, January 21st to learn insights about yourself and your spouse in order to better connect as a couple. To register or ask further questions email pastor at: redeemerpierre@gmail.com.

Pastor on Vacation: Pastor Schwartz will be on vacation over the Thanksgiving weekend. Dale Schaffer, synod certified to preach and teach, will be our guest preacher and adult Bible study teacher on November 27th.  For any church problems, please contact President of the congregation, Rich Nickerson.

Ladies Group: Ladies PEACE (the ladies group at Redeemer) hasn’t met for a while. The leaders of the Ladies PEACE is wondering if there is still an interest in having a ladies group. If you are interested, please let Pastor, Kristine Day, and/or Connie Hanson know.

Christmas Caroling: Christmas is about a month away and some from Redeemer would like to go Christmas Caroling on Sunday, December 18th at 1:30pm. You are welcome to join us. We will be meeting at Church.