Bulletin Announcements
July 31st
Sun                  10:00am          Worship Service
                        11:15am          Voters Meeting
Tue                  7:00pm            Bible Study
Wed                6:30pm            Mid-Week Worship Service
Sun                  9:00am             Family Bible Class
                        10:00am          Worship Service w/Communion
                        11:15am          Elders Meeting

To-Do List: There are some projects to do around church. Please take a look at the “How You Can Help” bulletin board and help with any project that you can.

Wednesday Services are Back: Last Summer we added a second service on Wednesday that was the same as the previous Sunday’s service. We are doing that again this summer!

Family Bible Class: During the summer (between Memorial Day and Labor Day) there is Bible Class for the whole family. We’ll meet in the Fellowship Hall and go through a study of the 10 commandments for the whole family.

Pastor on Vacation: Pastor is going on vacation with his family from August 8th-14th. If any church related matters needs to be addressed while Pastor is gone, please contact Rich Nickerson and/or Rich Mitchell. They will be able to get a hold of Pastor if needed.

Fall Fest: Our annual Fall Fest will be on September 24th from 2-5pm. There are several ways you can help! One way is to attend. Having more people there makes the visitor feel more at ease. Second way is to invite a friend. They are more likely to come if you go with them. Third way is to host a booth for playing a game, face painting, selfie stand, etc.  Fourth way is to pray that God would use this as an arm into our community for bringing the lost back to his flock.