Bulletin Announcements
March 17th

                        Today              9:00am                        Bible Class & Sunday School
                                                 10:00am                        Worship Service w/Communion
                        Mon                 5:00pm                        5th&6th Grade Catechism
                                                    7:00pm                        Council Meeting
                        Tue                    6:00pm                        7th&8th Grade Catechism
                        Wed                  6:15pm                        Mid-week Lenten Service
                        Thu                    6:30pm                        Adult Information Class
                        Sun                     9:00am                        Bible Class & Sunday School
                                                   10:00am                        Worship Service
Lenten Snacks: Instead of having a meal before each Wednesday service, we will be having snacks afterwards. Please, sign up to bring a snack so we all may enjoy some snacks while visiting with those around us.
NPH Book Fair Ending: Next week will be the last week of our book fair. Before you miss your chance, please, take a look at the books as they make for a good Easter and/or Confirmation gifts.
Lenten Bible Class: Our Sunday Morning Bible class will be focusing around the new featurette TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH up to Palm Sunday.
Your Question Bible Class: Pastor Schwartz would like to answer your questions during Bible Class. Pick up a question sheet at church. Take it home. Talk about it with your family. Write down a few questions that you come up with and submit it in the box. Pastor will go through them and the next Bible Class series after Easter will be to answer your questions.
Easter Candy: Starting next week we will be accepting donations for candy to stuff in Easter eggs for our annual Children Easter Egg Hunt. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE CANDY DONATED WILL FIT IN THE PLASTIC EGGS. Thank you. 
Mid-week Lenten Services: “A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth” is not just the title of the hymn that we are singing every week, it is also our focus during our mid-week services. A lamb may not understand that it is being led to slaughter, but Jesus understood that he was being led to the cross. Yet, he went uncomplaining forth. What strength! What love! What innocence our Lord showed being led like a lamb. Jesus, being A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth…
Date Preacher Theme
Mar 6th     
Ash Wednesday
Pastor Schwartz The Sacrifice Foretold
Mar 13th Pastor Rawerts The One to Bear My Burdens
Mar 20th Pastor Laude The Sacrificial Lamb
Mar 27th Pastor Dauck In Accord with the Father’s Will
Apr 3rd Pastor Schwartz Deserving our Thanks
Apr 10th Pastor Laude More Precious than Silver or Gold!
Apr 18th 
Maundy Thursday
Pastor Schwartz Who Gives Himself as our Greatest Treasure
Apr 19th 
Good Friday
Pastor Schwartz To Defeat Death and its Sting